Jim Barbaro

It’s the Melody, Man!

In an era of cold, calculated, and less classically structured songs, Jim has found his calling in a multi genre approach that follows the path of romance, passion and melody (RPM)

sketches inner3x4

This is my third solo CD
Released in 2001

Dear Heart A letter to one’s heart
If Love is Blind love in any form is better than none
Every Heart Has its Day anything is possible
I’ve Seen the Stars Fall. lost golden age of hollywood
Sketches in the Sand. lost love and youth
Tribute to a Fool. keep winning at losing
House of Love old fashioned divorce song.
Jade and Steel. international affection connection
Yonderville Utopia dangles slightly out of reach
Rose Bolero a valiant love song
Geometry love shouldn’t be so complicated
Hanging on for Dear Love a lover’s leap into the unknown