Welcome to Natural Recording's Sound Sample Page

Here, you can listen to some songs of artists who have recorded at Natural Recording Studio. I've also included links to their their respective web pages so that you can find out more about these emerging talents.

If you would like to listen to the whole song - there is a mono version avaailable. The quality is not as good, but you can listen to the whole song.

If you want almost CD quality - click on the MP3 link. (These files are pieces of the song - approx. one minute 15 seconds )

From Richard McGraw's CD...Her Sacred Status/My Militant Needs

Sidetracked Sidetracked
Judas Disguise

Judas Disguise

From Mark Rust's CD..."Home Fires"


Friendly Faces (with Peter Yarrow)

From Mark Rust's Newest CD..."Legacy"

Minnie and Maxie McGee Minnie and Maxie McGee
Here's to My Sister

Here's to My Sister

From Vanaver Caravan's CD..."Pastures of Plenty"(songs of Woody Guthrie)

This CD was selected as "The Best Regionally Produced CD". Frank's Picks (2000) WKZE Radio

Vigilante Man Mp3 MONO

Vigilante Man

Gypsy's Fortune/Tsiganeasca Gypsy's Fortune/Tsiganeasca

Jerk Magnet's contribution to a Christmas Compilation CD

Snow Angel Mp3 MONO

Snow Angel

From Bobby Kennedy's release..."Late Bloomer"


Only Meant for Me

From Bob Bowdon's upcoming release


Night and Day

From Jim Barbaro's Latest release..."Sketches"

House of Love House of Love
I've Seen the Stars Fall I've Seen the Stars Fall